What You Should and Shouldn't Fix Before Selling Your Car

After raising seven children through their teenage years, I've had my fair share of experiences with selling used cars that have body damage. As a child saved up to buy a newer car, I was relied on to find a way to sell their old one for the most money possible. I have learned that fixing small dents and other aesthetic issues with your vehicle is a great way to significantly increase the sales price you ask when you put it on the market. But not all dents are worth paying to have fixed because it won't affect the value much. Whether you are just trying to make the money back that you've put into your vehicle or you're trying to make a profit, hopefully the pages on this website will give you some insight into what's worth putting your time and effort into fixing and what's best left untouched.

What Not To Do When Preparing To Paint Your Car


When you decide that you car is in need of a new paint job, you decide that you want to do the work of repainting it yourself. However, before you jump right in and start trying to strip the existing paint off of your car, get to know some of the things that you should not do when you are preparing to repaint your car yourself. This way, you will avoid some of the common mistakes and pitfalls that many car owners makes when trying to repaint their cars at home. 

Don't Rush It

While a professional auto body shop or auto painting company, like Powder Coating Specialties, may be able to complete your car repainting project in an afternoon, you will not be able to do so. And if you try to rush the process, disaster can ensue. 

So, when you plan your car painting project, be sure to give yourself at lest two full days, but be prepared for it to take three of four days of work to complete so that you can take your time to do everything correctly. 

Don't Forget To Prep Your Space

Whether you plan to paint your car outside in your driveway or inside your garage, you will need to be sure to prepare your space properly. Inside of a garage, you will want to wash and vacuum all of the surfaces, particularly close to and above where you will be working on your car.

This cleaning process will prevent dust particles and other contaminants from settling on your car, particularly when your car has wet paint and primer on it. You do not want dust or other small particles to make your paint job look rough or uneven.

Don't Go Overboard With The Sandblasting

When you are trying to remove the existing paint on your car and prepare the surface for painting, you need to be very controlled and careful. This is the step that you should take your time with to make sure you are doing a good job. 

The goal is to get your car stripped down to the bare metal. If you sand it by hand, each panel can take a few hours to complete. So, be patient. Sandblasting does the job faster, but you need to be cautious not to use the highest airflow setting to speed up the process. If you do so, you can actually dent and even blast holes in the metal of your car panels. So, while sandblasting is an efficient and faster way to strip your vehicle, do not get too caught up in the speed and power of the process.

If you keep these pitfalls to avoid when planning to repaint your car, you will be far more likely to have an enjoyable and successful car repainting experience. So, don't forget these important tips as you proceed with your auto paint project. 


30 March 2015