What You Should and Shouldn't Fix Before Selling Your Car

After raising seven children through their teenage years, I've had my fair share of experiences with selling used cars that have body damage. As a child saved up to buy a newer car, I was relied on to find a way to sell their old one for the most money possible. I have learned that fixing small dents and other aesthetic issues with your vehicle is a great way to significantly increase the sales price you ask when you put it on the market. But not all dents are worth paying to have fixed because it won't affect the value much. Whether you are just trying to make the money back that you've put into your vehicle or you're trying to make a profit, hopefully the pages on this website will give you some insight into what's worth putting your time and effort into fixing and what's best left untouched.

Collision Repair 101: Things Every Car Owner Should Understand


The aftermath of a car accident is often tumultuous and stressful. Depending on the severity of the damage to your car and any injuries that you may have suffered, you may be struggling significantly with some of these issues. Unfortunately, when it comes to auto collision repair, many people find themselves misinformed about the basics. This often leads to potentially costly mistakes. Here are some of the things that your local collision repair shop wants you to know and understand about collision repairs.

You Don't Need To Go To The Dealer

Some people mistakenly believe that they have to take their car to the dealership for proper collision repair. Sometimes, they believe that the dealer is required for insurance coverage. The fact is that you have the right to choose any repair shop that you want, even if your insurance company is paying for the repairs. There are often local collision repair shops that specialize in this kind of work, which can typically net you better results from the repairs.

You Can Expect To Pay A Portion

With most auto insurance claims, you'll have to pay your deductible as part of the repairs. It is important that you know how much your deductible is so that you can adequately budget this because your insurance company's check will cover the repair costs less than the deductible amount, so the repair shop will require you to pay the balance.

Frame Damage Isn't An Automatic Write-Off

There's a common misconception that frame damage automatically means that your car cannot be repaired. The truth is that it depends entirely on the extent of the damage and the overall condition of the frame. In addition, for vehicles with unibody construction, this isn't even a concern because unibody designs are far easier to repair. In either case, talk with your collision repair technician about the condition of your car's frame and any concerns there might be about its restoration.

Address Collision Repairs Right Away

Many drivers don't understand the importance of addressing collision repairs as quickly as possible. You might think that it doesn't matter when you get your car in for repairs, especially if it seems to be driveable the way that it is. The truth is that, if you neglect repairs following an accident, you could inadvertently worsen the problem. When things are out of alignment, it causes strain and excess wear and tear on the suspension, steering, and drive components of the vehicle. This can prove costly if you don't address it as soon as possible.

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29 November 2021