What You Should and Shouldn't Fix Before Selling Your Car

After raising seven children through their teenage years, I've had my fair share of experiences with selling used cars that have body damage. As a child saved up to buy a newer car, I was relied on to find a way to sell their old one for the most money possible. I have learned that fixing small dents and other aesthetic issues with your vehicle is a great way to significantly increase the sales price you ask when you put it on the market. But not all dents are worth paying to have fixed because it won't affect the value much. Whether you are just trying to make the money back that you've put into your vehicle or you're trying to make a profit, hopefully the pages on this website will give you some insight into what's worth putting your time and effort into fixing and what's best left untouched.

4 Auto Body Shop Services


An auto mechanic shop can keep the insides of your car in good working order. However, you can't neglect your car's exterior. Some problems call for the expertise of an auto body technician. Here are four services that you can take advantage of at an auto body shop.

1. Dent Repair

Small dents and dings tend to accrue over the years, no matter how careful you are with your car. While a dent doesn't impede the operation of your vehicle, it can harm the aesthetic value of your car or truck. Fortunately, auto body shops can easily repair dents in cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Some forms of dent repair, such as paintless dent repair, can be performed quickly and easily without compromising the paint job of your vehicle. This technique allows an auto body technician to press the dent out of the body of your car from the inside, ensuring that your paint job remains unmarred.

2. Painting

Larger dents, scrapes, and scratches can all damage the finish of your car. Luckily, auto body shops can match the paint on the exterior of your vehicle to cover minor cosmetic imperfections. An auto body technician can also repaint your car to change its color or remedy an old, flaking paint job. Keeping your car clean and well-painted is a great way to fend off rust that can damage your auto body over time.

3. Car Restoration

Some collisions cause more damage than a simple dent or scratch. When your car is involved in an accident, an auto body technician can perform restoration work to fix damaged fenders, doors, and more. Restoration can make your car safe to drive again. An auto body mechanic can straighten any structural damage to the frame of your car. Fillers may be used to repair tears and holes in the exterior of your car. Having your car repaired after a serious collision can save you the expense of purchasing a brand-new vehicle.

4. Parts Replacement

Some types of damage can't be repaired. When a car door is badly dented or crushed, the best option is usually replacement. Fortunately, auto body shops can perform parts replacements as well. An auto body shop can also replace cracked or shattered windshields. Although auto glass repair is sometimes an option, especially large or badly placed cracks and chips are better fixed through total replacement. An auto body technician can advise you on the types of parts replacements suggested in your situation.

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8 December 2022