What You Should and Shouldn't Fix Before Selling Your Car

After raising seven children through their teenage years, I've had my fair share of experiences with selling used cars that have body damage. As a child saved up to buy a newer car, I was relied on to find a way to sell their old one for the most money possible. I have learned that fixing small dents and other aesthetic issues with your vehicle is a great way to significantly increase the sales price you ask when you put it on the market. But not all dents are worth paying to have fixed because it won't affect the value much. Whether you are just trying to make the money back that you've put into your vehicle or you're trying to make a profit, hopefully the pages on this website will give you some insight into what's worth putting your time and effort into fixing and what's best left untouched.

The Most Important Factors That Determine When Auto Glass Replacement Is Needed


A windshield can get cracked or chipped in a variety of situations. Some damage can be repaired, but others require auto glass replacement for safety reasons. Drivers need to know the importance of getting a replacement if needed. Damaged windshields can lead to accidents and other consequences such as traffic citations. Some individuals have auto insurance policies that will cover the cost of replacement, which means that it does not make sense to procrastinate getting the auto glass services. The following points identify the factors that determine whether a glass replacement or repair will be required.


This factor is paramount. Sometimes windshield damage is so profound that it is obviously not safe. Individuals in this situation may need to consider getting their vehicles towed to the shop for repairs. Shattered windshields may not cave in, but they can interfere with a driver's ability to see the roadway, which is a safety issue. If it has been determined that other types of damage require auto glass replacement, vehicle owners should get the services as soon as possible. Windshields that are damaged do not have the same structural integrity as intact windshields. This means that they cannot protect in the same manner either.


The location of the damage will affect whether or not a windshield can safely be repaired. Damages that interfere with a driver's line of sight are generally deemed to require auto glass replacement for safety reasons. If the damage is in any of the four corners of the glass, a replacement will be needed due to the glass no longer being structurally sound. Some vehicles have sensors in the windshields. Damages in areas where the sensors are located might result in a recommendation for a replacement.

Size and Depth

Size matters and chips and cracks are measured to determine whether they are small enough for a repair. Chips are measured using a quarter test, and cracks are measured using their length. The depth of chips and cracks is also a determining factor. If chips and cracks penetrate through all three layers of the windshield, auto glass replacement is inevitable.

An auto body and paint shop is an excellent resource to use to learn more about auto glass replacement services. They can inspect vehicles and determine if the damage warrants a replacement. Drivers should take their vehicles for an inspection as soon as possible when their windshields get damaged. This is for safety reasons and because they could save money. the damages could be repaired. However, a delay could cause more damage such as cracks getting larger.


25 January 2023