3 Big Reasons To Not Delay Auto Body Repairs


It's normal for cars to get dings, scratches, chips, and dents from daily use on the road. For the most part, small scratches and dents aren't very noticeable. An accident, big or small, however, can leave a dent or scratch that everyone sees wherever you drive. This can make your vehicle look bad, but it can also lead to other problems if left untreated. Some people don't bother getting needed auto body repairs if the damaged vehicle still works.

19 May 2020

When Does A Vehicle Need Auto Body Repairs?


Presuming you're not dealing with the aftermath of an accident, deciding when to have auto body repair work done is oftentimes a personal choice. There are, however, some practical reasons why you may need to visit a car body repair shop. In these 5 situations, it's probably worth the expense. Rust Is Appearing Generally, if you're seeing a few outward patches of rust, there's a lot more going on than you suspect.

20 January 2020