4 Reasons To Choose Mobile Dent Repair


Whether it's a minor ding from a car door or a larger dent from a small collision, getting the dent repaired quickly prevents further damage from rust and corrosion. A mobile repair can often be the best solution for completing the repair. 1. Many Repairs Are Paintless Many repairs that qualify for a mobile dent repair don't require major work or painting. Mobile repair is best suited for dents with no creasing and minimal paint damage.

17 May 2022

Why Should Landscaping Companies Advertise Using Vinyl Fleet Wraps?


Vinyl fleet wraps are a great way for your landscaping business to directly advertise to customers in your service area. They're made by digitally printing a design onto vinyl that's custom-shaped to your work trucks and then they're attached to your trucks using an adhesive. Fleet wraps are quite durable, and they normally last for years. Whether you have one truck in your landscaping business or several, using fleet wraps on your trucks will help increase awareness of your landscaping company's brand.

23 February 2022